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Message from the President

Friday, May 3rd, 2013



Homecoming is a wonderful event as we welcome back our fellow alumni and former mentors.  More so, the purpose is to promote a lasting relationship of mutual benefits and assistance to the school and alumni as it seeks to involve the alumni in the work of the school and likewise to engage the school in the lives of its former students.  The purpose of the Alumni Association is to support activities and projects that will strengthen and enrich the educational and extracurricular programs of the school. These programs in turn allow the school, the students and alumni to make an utmost contribution to the economic, social, cultural and spiritual life of each and every ICCTinians. This goal is achieved by the activities and projects of the ICCTCAA

Our intentions for giving back to ICCT Colleges may differ. Some give to assist in the school’s academic and physical resources. Others give in gratitude of ICCT Colleges contribution to their lives. Yet others give to take part in the life of the school through donor recognition, benefits and events.


-Joan Marie Olave